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ZFI-TC Install on 07 GSXR 1000

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Posted 06 November 2012 - 08:59 PM

The Bazzaz unit is to be used only on the track and is for race use only. All installations should be done by a certified professional and this document is not a how-to, but for information purposes only to help people understand the unit, the basics of how it's installed, how it works, and how to use it. If you have any questions about any part please feel free to contact us or Bazzaz Performance.

We used the Bazzaz ZFI Traction Control unit during this project on our 2007 GSXR 1000. We also used the reverse/gp shift quickshifter. This will consist of 3 boxes as shown below. The ZFI large box will contain a cd with the user manual.

Posted Image

The very first step we recommend when doing electrical work is to take the negative and positive connectors off the battery to ensure you don't short anything out.

The next step we took was to take the shift rod off the rearsets. As you can tell we have aftermarket rearsets, but whatever you're using just disconnect the shift rod. On our bike and most it just takes a 10mm wrench to loosen the nuts and unscrew the shift rod as seen below.

Posted Image

We then took the Bazzaz quickshifter and put it inline with the shift rod. Bazzaz units come with a shift rod that will work for your application, but if you have aftermarket rearsets like ours you may need to contact Bazzaz to get the right length shift rod for your application. One important thing to note is that when you're pushing down on the rearset pedal you don't hit the sensor. You want to make sure that the shifter will not hit the sensor and damage it. Then lock down the nuts so that everything is tight like it was before you took it off.

Posted Image

This next step will let you know if you can finish the installation or if you need to send your midpipe to Bazzaz to have them weld the right size bung in your exhaust. Take the oem plug out of your exhaust if you have one or the o2 sensor if that is in there. We had an Akrapovic on our bike so we took the plug out as shown below.

Posted Image

Next we held the Bazzaz wideband sensor up and noticed right away that it would not fit in the bung. We then used a 17mm wrench and you can tell if you need to send your midpipe out before you even start by taking out whatever is in your exhaust bung and then see if you can put a 17mm wrench around the threads. If you can then you have the wrong size and need to send your exhaust out to have the right size bung/threads put in your exhaust. If you cannot put the 17mm wrench around the threads then more then likely you have the right size and can continue with the installation. The last picture shows the wideband sensor plugged in with the harness dangling. So you will have the wideband sensor and the quickshifter harnesses dangling at this time. Note: when you install the wideband sensor be sure to use anti-seize on the threads. Bazzaz puts some on there for you, but it doesn't hurt to add a little more.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Next you're going to want to put your Bazzaz boxes where you want them. We decided to put them in the trunk so they are easy to get to for when we need to plug the laptop up to the units. For tuning you want to be able to get to the main box. Here they are installed in the trunk. Then route the cords down through the tail and under your seat near the battery area.

Posted Image

Open up your gas tank in which you should always use a Driven sprocket to prop the gas tank open. Any other sprocket could cause a major problem. From here you'll want to disconnect your gas tank. On our bike there are 2 harnesses to disconnect and then you pull off two hoses. You then have one long screw at the base of the gas tank where it pivots. You use an allen wrench and take that off then the gas tank comes right off. Note that some gas will most likely leak so have rags under or be aware that a few teaspoons will normally come out when you disconnect the large harness under the gas tank.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

The next step is to take the airbox off. On the 2007 GSXR 1000 you have to loosen two long screws found under the airbox on each side under it and on the front side of the intakes. Picture below shows us with a phillips screw driver loosening the right side of the bike. The second picture over below shows us taking off the two hoses connected to the air box. The one to it's left has to come off as well. Then there is one bolt on the very top/front of the airbox that has to be taken out and then a harness for the air temp sensor that is located on the front right of the airbox along with another house at the front right of the airbox. Then just lift the airbox off. It may take some wiggling to get it off the throttle bodies. Just make sure you loosened the two long screws enough and it will come off.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Now you want to take the wires hanging off the Bazzaz unit that have the tab titled "lower" as these will go on the lower injectors. You want to route the wires along the left side of the bike. The first harness you come to following the cord from the Bazzaz box unit will go on the lower injectors on the far left side of the bike. Then you will string them down the injectors so that the harnesses farthest from the bazzaz box will be going on the lower injector on the far right of the bike. Picture 1 below shows the tab showing you what harnesses go on the lower injectors. Picture 2 shows us taking off the oem lower injector on the left side of the bike. In it's place you put the bazzaz harness that is closest to the bazzaz box. There will be two harnesses and only one of them will fit on the harness in our hand that we just pulled off and the other ones goes on what we pulled it off of. Then move to the second one over and do the same until all the lower injectors have been plugged into with the Bazzaz harnesses.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Now you want to take the cords coming off the bazzaz unit that look just like the lowers, it will not have a tab on it stating upper injectors, but it's the only other one that looks like the lowers that isn't labeled. Again there will be 8 harnesses on them, and in groups of 2. 2 for each injector along the upper injectors. You will be routing the cords along the left side of the bike and the first 2 harnesses you come to following the cord from the bazzaz box you will put on the upper injector to the far left of the bike. Below is a picture showing after we unplugged the oem upper injector and then plugged in the bazzaz harnesses. Just do this with all 4 injectors along the top until you end with the last bazzaz harnesses (fathest from the box and end of the cords) going on the upper injector on the far right side of the bike.

Posted Image

Now that we have the upper and lower injectors plugged into the Bazzaz harnesses you'll need to hook up your rpm/crank sensor. This on the gsxr's is located on the far right of the bike under the throttle body. On any other model bike you may want to refer to your manual or contact Bazzaz if you can't find it. You can see it in the first image below. Then you want to unhook the oem harness and plug in the bazzaz one. In your Bazzaz manual it will show a picture of which harness on the bazzaz unit is the rpm/crank harness. It only has 2 harnesses at the end. Picture 2 shows us splicing in the bazzaz harness to the harness we pulled off the bike then you put the other bazzaz harness on what you pulled the oem harness off of.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Next we want to hook up the TPS (Throttle position sensor) harnesses. On the 2007 GSXR 1000 you can find the harness right on the left side of your bike near the frame. Below is a picture of it and you're going to disconnect it and plug in the bazzaz TPS harness. Note: There is one other harness under the gas tank that the bazzaz TPS harness will plug into and that's what goes to the gas tank...THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU HOOK IT UP TO. It will be the harness right near the frame on the very left side, and under the tank. Below is a picture of it. On any other model bike you may want to refer to your manual or contact Bazzaz if you can't find it.

Posted Image

The last important harnesses that needs to be plugged into are the spark plugs. At the very front of your bike you'll find them. On this one you'll be routing the bazzaz cord along the RIGHT side of the bike and then the very first harness you come to following the cord from the Bazzaz box to the first set of harnesses will be plugged into the spark plug on the right side of the bike. In the picture below is shows the spark plug and harness you'll be tapping the the bazzaz harness at the very end of the cord to. This is the last spark plug you'll be tapping into with the very last harness on the bazzaz cord. This installs oppose of the injectors where you go from the left to ride. These go from right to left. The second picture shows them all plugged inline with the Bazzaz harnesses.


Next lets get the wires out of the way from the quickshifter and wideband sensor. You can tell from the first picture how we routed the quickshifter wire. It's very important to leave enough slack so that while shifting it doesn't pull on the cord and pull it out of the sensor that is on your shift rod. So leave a little slack and also make sure the cord isn't touching anything hot and in a safe location. Then route it under the gas tank and plug it in. You can see where it gets plugged into as there is only one plug on the bazzaz unit that will fit it and it's show in the instructions.


Next route the wire from the exhaust/wideband sensor around the kickstand in a way that it won't get damaged using the kickstand. We put it in front of the kickstand and then up in front of the shifter as shown below. We routed the harness of the bazzaz box down under the gas tank and then through the same hole under the frame we used for the quickshifter wire. Below is a picture showing it connected right before it's tucked away under the protective flap (rubber flap) that comes off the bodywork and covers it all up. Be sure to use zip ties to keep all wires where you want them and in a safe location. This is very important as you don't want a wire moving/relocating and then getting damaged. The second image shows everything tucked away. Note that you can route wires anyway you want as long as they are in a safe location where they will not hinder riding the bike or get damaged.


Next we need to mount the optional switches if you decided to get them. This allows you to adjust the traction control on the fly along with switching between two completely different fuel maps, quickshifter setups, etc. As you can see below we used the top bolt that holds the clutch lever to the clipon. It fits perfectly, is out of the way, and looks clean. You can mount it anywhere safe though, but make sure you move your handlebars from full left to full right to ensure where you mount it won't hit anything and that the cords are tucked away and not hurting the turning of the bike or will snag on anything. We then routed the wires around and to the right then brought them up under the very front of the frame where you connected the spark plug harnesses earlier. We then routed it along the back of the bike and it reached the bazzaz unit to connect to perfectly. Just the right amount of length on the cord.


Next we took the little plate off below the seat and above the battery as it helped us route the wires. 4 little 10mm screws hold it in place. Route all the cords down the left and ride side of the battery, under where the tank will be and make sure everything will stay where you want it or else zip tie it. All of the Bazzaz parts should be connected to each other or if not the Bazzaz instructions cover what harnesses get connected to what and they only mate up with the right harnesses so you can't really mess that part up. Make sure that all of the Bazzaz parts are connected to each other at this time and the cords are routed safetly.


Next you need to hook up the ground cable. We attached ours to the ground side of the battery. After that the only other thing left to connect is the power. You want to ensure you find a power wire that is ONLY live/on when the bike is turned on with the key. You can do this at the rear lights or a variety of other wires. The best way might be to shave just a hair of protective coating off a wire then use a voltmeter and test it while the bike is off then when it's on. It should only have voltage when the bike is turned on. Once you found a good wire use the pink/red attachment bazzaz gives you to tap into that wire and then slide the power cord over the attachment or you can solder it in if you would rather. Now your unit has power, ground, and all harnesses are hooked up correctly. The picture below shows our power wire tapped into a wire we already know and installed that is on only when the bike is on.


Now you need to put the gas tank back on which will consist of putting it back on there (helps if someone holds it for you) then put the long bolt through it at the base. What helps then is getting the trusty Driven sprocket to prop the gas tank open or you can use a board or anything else. Then be sure to connect both harnesses under the gas tank back to the gas tank and be sure to attach both hoses to it. Now that the gas tank is on you only have to put the airbox back on. It greatly helps to loosen the long bolts under the airbox very loose while it's off the bike as this will aid in putting it back on. Once they are loose put the airbox back on over the throttle bodies and make sure you align the front of the airbox with the ram air ducts as best as possible. Also make sure to move any of the bazzaz cords that are in the way. Once the airbox is seated tightly over the throttle bodies then tighten both long rods under the air box to get them tight on the throttle bodies. Once this is done there are two hoses on the back of the airbox you need to reconnect. There is then one in the front right of the airbox you need to reconnect along with a harness you had to unplug to get the airbox off. Make sure you attach all 3 hoses and the one harness to the airbox. Then put the bolt back in the front of the airbox, and lower the gas tank. The gas tank and airbox go back on the same way they came off, but we realize it's easy to forget some of the parts that attach to them.

Double check everything to ensure you put everything back on correctly then you're ready to power the bike up. You might have some smoke coming off your exhaust if you had to have someone weld in a bung since they might get grease and other stuff on the pipe. The minute you turn the key on you should see the bazzaz units all light up. You should not see any fi lights or errors on your dash either. At this point you're ready to take the next step and diagnose everything and start tuning.
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