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First AMA Pro Race From Bobby Davies#707

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Posted 13 August 2014 - 05:17 PM

2014 AMA Pro Racing at Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham Alabama
Hey Distinct Racing fans!! Here is a play by play of how our very own Bobby Davies and his crews first AMA race weekend went. About a month before this event we started getting ready to race our first AMA Pro race. With that being said it takes longer than a month to get ready. This is where the stress came into factor! DistinctRacing.com got the ball moving though. We started by contacting the AMA and trying to get Bobby his license. The staff was top notch and got us all the paperwork needed but we still had to get paper work from the CMRA to finish applying. On the last day to enter we finally got all of the paper work to the AMA on time so at least now we were entered. He received his license in the mail a couple of days later and the number 707 that he started racing with.
So with this being the Distinct Racing Crews first AMA racing event there were quite a few things that we had to order. For one we needed a generator that was quiet enough to power warmers while waiting on the grid for the race to start. Also we wanted to look as professional as possible so we also ordered a cart, tire stand and a few little odds and ends that equaled an expensive start. With our time crunch luckily everything showered everything showed up two days before we left. The tire stand came from Austin, TX and showed up in the most beat up box we had ever seen. The box only had three of the pieces in it and couldn’t be assembled. We had to send it back and didn’t have time to get another one. Just ended up getting our money back.
A week before the CMRA races we had ordered some Hotbodies Bodywork and received it in two days. So amazed by the quality and time they were shipped we know where we am getting it from now on. We also had two sets of damaged bodywork sitting in J4s paint shop. We started repairing the body work and prepped so that everything could get painted the same. We chose to go with blue and yellow. After working really hard on them after work hours they were painted and looked sexy couldn’t wait to see them on the bike. We couldn’t have gotten them done without J4 and their awesome painters, Mike and Tony!
The weekend before the AMA race we had the CMRA’s 5th round at ECR to practice and to get any bugs that we had out and fixed. Bobby made a few changes and ended up going two seconds faster there then the time before. We are still trying to find time everywhere. The races went good and had no real mistakes. After we knew it wasn’t the time to throw our equipment on the ground with the following week being the first AMA race. We returned home with a shiny bike which ended up being a decent weekend getting a 2nd in the Solo 30 and a few top ten places and a 5th in Superstock C. Everybody did a good job. Megan got her first top ten starting from the last row in the Superbike C class and 4th in the ladies event beating her PR by a second. So a good weekend it was.
When we got home we knew we had still so much to do before we left Wednesday, it was Monday. This is where it started getting stressful. We had to unload the whole trailer because we knew that we had to take it to Zgrafixs to get some stickers put on it and for him to measure everything out. We also had to confirm that all of the patches on the crew shirts and bike decals were right. That way they could get done as well. So with Zgrafixs only having one day really to do everything and not having no control over anything we went home and started working on the bike. Later that day we decided to go for a bicycle ride at a local bicycle trail/park. Got a good work out in and a good little stress relief. Went to bed early to wake up early and started getting clothes, gear, cleaning the house, dogs taken care of and other odds and ends before we were planning on leaving. We had planned to leave Tuesday night. We picked up the trailer around 8pm and started loading everything waiting for Ben Jones to arrive from driving down from Dallas, TX. He stopped By Manny’s house to get the pit bikes. Manny was going to be flying in to Alabama Friday night. We waited for him to arrive and he ended up stopping because he was tired. At 3:30am we decided it was too late, we needed some rest before we started our long journey to Alabama. Well as we were shutting everything down Larry with Zgrafixs showed up with our crew shirts and Decals for the bike! They are absolutely awesome shirts! Couldn’t have gotten this far without Larry, he’s been here since day one sponsoring Distinctracing.com.
So it’s Wednesday now and we have gotten about 3 hours of sleep and it felt like we were rushing. Why? We don’t know, we didn’t have to be there till Friday morning. We were all very eager to get there! So anyways the lights went out and we were gone. Our first Pro race is upon us. The drive from San Antonio, TX to Birmingham, AL is about 14 hours-such a long drive! Bobby drove the whole way, most likely because he was nervous and very excited to get to Barber. We arrived to our hotel around 4am on Thursday and checked in. Woke up around 9am Thursday and had to get a bunch of things done. The first thing to accomplish was going to Sams Club to get food for the whole weekend. After that the Distinct Racing crew went back to the hotel and went for a dip in the pool to relax. After spending half the day in the pool we all decided it was time for food. We went to a train that was parked in the middle of a shopping center and had sandwiches for dinner. On T.V. in the restaurant on the local news channel we saw Josh Hayes on it signing autographs. It was pretty cool to see that on T.V. because down in Texas it seems like everybody is against motorcycle racing. The waitress even got excited about us being there when she found out we were there to race also! It definitely helped us feel welcome to get that kind of reaction.
Friday morning we wanted to get up early and start the day being prepared. It was move in and set up day. Ended up being there extremely early and had to wait at the gate in line for about three hours. We didn’t mind because Barber has the most beautiful scenery around if you look hard around the Motorsports Park you will find all kinds of really weird awesome things. So after we got through the gates we were directed where to park and pit. We somehow found the rest of the guys from the CMRA and were able to pit all together. This was going to help due to it being a few guys First AMA event. We started getting the bike ready for tech by pulling the tank off and draining all the VP c-12 fuel that we store in the bike while its not racing. The reason we had to drain the fuel is because if you get randomly checked and you have any type of fuel other than Sunoco fuel 260GTX fuel it’s a waste of fuel and you have to drain it out before you race. We ended up just pulling the fuel pump and draining it all the way and wiping it out. Put the bike back together and got it TechEd and ready for qualify one in the morning. Wrapped up everything up at the track and headed to the hotel for food and sleep but first had to make a pit stop to pick up another crew member from the airport. This was a frustrating time for Bobby Davies. Pulling up to the airport Ben and Bobby’s dad gets out of the truck why nobody knows. Well the police tells Bobby to move so he goes around for another turnand sees a bunch of traffic. Well somehow we find Manny but Ben and Bobby’s dad are lost. Manny gets in the truck and we make like seven laps around the airport terminal. The police were getting after us and everybody seemed pretty upset at this point. So everybody was hungry but Bobby ended up just saying drop me off I am going to bed. Everybody else went out to Logan’s Steak House and had an eventful night.
Next day the plan was to get there early, get the bike to hot pit and get everything ready for qualifying one. Bobby put new tires on and went out. Came out strong and began to learn the track again. Last time he was here he crashed back to back days for a WERA event two years ago his first time here. Bobby ran his fastest time in qualifying one and put him on the Grid later that day in twenty sixed spot out of forty nine riders that qualified. There were a total of fifty nine riders that entered the race. He had been complaining about his boots. The bottom of the boots had no grip and he couldn’t stay on the bike. That caused his boot to drag the ground till eventually it wore a hole through the boot. He wasn’t able to find another set of boots for the race so he rode with a messed up Alpinestar boot and a Sidi boot. Had to tape the Alpinestar boot to make it work. Since no boot manufacturer comes out to the AMA for rider support.
The first race coming from Bobby Davies said “This was the most tiring race he’s ever had”. Since the boots were trashed he spent all the energy he had trying to stay on the bike instead of focusing on the racing he was trying not to crash. Started off great horrible start but it was his first Pro race still nervous. Half way through the race you could tell Bobby Davies was getting tired or having problems because his times were falling off. He was not having fun because he was tired and pissed off. Nearly wrecking on the last lap by losing focus he was very upset when he came in! Handed the bike to his crew and drank as much water as he could take in. That night after wrapping everything up at the track we had found a pair of boots that another rider was going to let us barrow. Bobby Davies was pretty excited about that. The Distinctracing.com crew wanted Bar B Q for dinner. So we went to this weird place in Alabama and had dinner. Bobby Davies Was tired and ready for bed.
With the first AMA pro race out of the way there was a little bit of pressure off Bobby’s shoulders. Newer boots to ride in. Seems like it was going to be a good day. Warm up was first around 8am then the second race started at 1pm. Having a bad start again Bobby Davies started making up positions. He was running low consistent 1:34s and that was 2 seconds faster than the day before. Bobby got behind Ann Roberts and was sitting in 26th position where he started and was going back and forth with Ann. This was a great learning experience for Bobby Davies when the race ended he came in and said it was a fun race! That was what we were looking for all weekend. Next time we will be sure to know what’s going on and have a good plan. We were glad to get our feet wet and come home shinny. The drive home sucked the weekend came to an end. When we got home Bobby Davies was immediately called in to work with no time to rest. Other than that it was a great time on our first AMA Pro race.
We couldn’t have gotten here if it weren’t for our sponsors. Motomummy.com for always getting our parts, gear and anything motorcycle related. Triple D Transport for running smoothly while we are gone racing. Zgrafixs for always completing our shirts, decals, banners, hats, posters and business cards to where we can give the fans something to take home. Distinctracing.com, Southern Adrenalin, Megan Wanat, Robert Davies, Manny Segura, Ben James Jones, Bobby Davies, John Davies, Corey and Erin Young, Larry Arias, James Compton. There are so many more people who have helped us get here today. We appreciate everything and hope to continue to have your support in our racing program.


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