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2007 gsxr 600 Akrapovic shorty w/ pcV

The Pure Word's Photo The Pure Word 08 Aug 2016

Hey Folks,
This is my first post, so first of all HELLO. Im 38 years old from Maine. I've had bikes off and on for awhile, but I'm not a racer or even what I'd call a die hard rider. Over the years I've done entry level modifications, like fairing changes, turn signals, levers, etc. I am not a mechanic by any stretch.
Having said that, I recently picked up a 2007 gsxr 600 with 4k miles on it and I've been dumping some money into it to make it nice. I really do love customizing these gixxers. So I came on here to Motomummy and bought an akra shorty and a pcv. I wrote in the notes at purchase and asked them to please map it. I received my gear quickly and am very happy.
Not having had any confirmation as to whether or not Moto mapped my gear, I just went ahead and loaded the appropriate map off the site myself, just in case.
Here's what's happening: My bike sounds great. But when I get up into the 8k tac range, I lose acceleration power. It just stops climbing. So I top out around 85-90 mph. I can only assume this has to do with my mapping etc.
A few notes:
when installing pcv, I do not have an o2 censor, so there's a plug all the way to the right of my tank that I unplugged ( TPS ? ) , and ran inline as instructions said to, but there was no plug to replace it.
I have a stock air filter on now, but will soon be replacing it with a K&N that I have.
I am aware that it is recommended to have a dyno performed when installing pipes and pcv for best results, but I figured I'd be fine with what I've done, that although I may not see peak results, I'd see sufficient results for my riding level. I didn't think I'd see major performance LOSS. So I assume I've messed something up. Or maybe I have to do the dyno to get this gear to function, which I'll do if necessary.

I apologize if this topic has been discussed already somewhere. I searched and came up empty. And I really appreciate any advice you might be willing to take the time to offer.


The Pure Word's Photo The Pure Word 14 Aug 2016

I'm receiving help on gixxer.com so I won't be checking this thread. Thanks.